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First Order~

Hi. Relay here. :D A few of you know how this one goes down. Mass adding Characters. Lets get it done. x3

1. Log into your RP Journals.
2. Open up the Admin Console.
3. Copy and Paste the following.

friend add wow_its_daria

friend add teardrop_doctor

friend add chem_prof

friend add killer_teacher
friend add 1337hacker

friend add zendora_dragons

Second thing. We need...PROMOTION~ I promoted on my LJ. That's how we got Daria-mun. You all have to find somewhere to promote. I know Daria-mun has her own 20million communities. Lets all get this thing going, hmm?

Third thing. There isn't one.

Fourth thing. If you haven't yet, JOIN THE RP COMM. Please do so. Thank you.

Questions? Comments? Etc? Go for it. I'm here.

Lastly. The school year hasn't exactly started yet. If you want, your character can live 'on campus' like a college. Keep in mind, however, if you do this, the school is off limits. If I'm up to it, I'll draw a diagram later.

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