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zendora_dragons's Journal

City of Ember Zendora High School
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Zendora High School; Home of the City of Ember Dragons!

Welcome to a multifandom AU RPG. Here are a few questions to the answers swarming in your head.

Zendora High:

-A Coed Catholic High School with Coed dorms. Dorms system. No character may 'leave campus' at anytime unless 'okay'ed by the Principal.
-Coed means Boys and Girls. Relationships may be everywhere from yaoi/yuri and what's inbetween. We respect this.
-High school sports such as Football, Soccer, Baseball, Track and Field, etc. are all played. Fun. Games will be 'against other schools'.
-Some characters/students tend to have some 'magical abilities'. This doesn't mean people should be randomly sending fourth deathrays.


-Absolutely NO FLAMING. You are warned.
-Cussing is fine. Don't care, won't care. But IC actions take on IC conciquences.
-NC-17 posts are allowed, but please be sure to post the Rating on your log. Please.
-No Godmodding. You are yet again warned.
-Four Character Limit. That is a lot. It probably won't go up.
If you have any questions, ASK! It's better to ask than to get introuble for it later.

Subjects: (One of each Subject must be taken.)

All first year students take the following classes:
Mathematics: Pre-Algebra, Geometry, or Transition Math
English: English - Composition and Literature
Religious Studies: Catholic Christianity (two semesters)
Social Studies: World History & Geography (one per semester)

All second year students take the following classes:
Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry, or Algebra II
English: English - English Literature
Religious Studies: Jesus and His Values + Sacrements
Foreign Language: Spanish; Bil. Spanish; Japanese; Chinese
Fine Arts: Art Appreciation + Music in World Culture, or Intermediate Wind Instruments

All third year students take the following classes:
Mathematics: Geometry; Algebra II, or Precalculus
English: English - British Literature
Religious Studies: Church History & Ministry + Social Justice
Science: General Chemistry, or Honors Chemistry
Social Studies: U.S. History or Honors U.S. History
Foreign Language: Spanish or Bilingual Spanish, or Bilingual Japanese

All fourth year high school students take the following classes:
Mathematics: Business Math, Adv. Algebra & Honors, Trigonometry, Statistics, Honors Precalculus, or Honors Calculus
Religious Studies: Christian Lifestyles
Science: Principles of Physics, or Honors Physics
Social Science: Economics, AP Economics US Government, or AP American Government

Magic: Introduction to Alchemy, Honors Alchemy, Divination, Magics, Control Magic
Music: Drumline, Band, Music Creation, Windwork, Brass, Chior
Student Government: ASB, Club Presidents, Class Officers (Elections will take place)
Health: Health Ed, Family Live, Child Development, P.E.
Tech: Computer Science, Construction Technology, Design Technology, Electronics and Computer, Graphic Communications, Manufacturing Technology, Materials Science, Power and Transportation
Art: Drawing and Painting, Sketching, Sculpting, GlassWorks, Woodshop, Drama, Photography

All sports are as follows. Teams will be collected later. Male teams are only for guys, female for girls, and male/female teams have both and will have two different coaches, two teams have well...two teams. Girls trying out for Football and Tennis must have acceptional abilities.

Baseball (male)
Cross Country (Two coaches, one division)
Football (male/female)
Soccer (male/female)
Softball (female)
Tennis (Two teams; male and female)
Track and Field (Two coaches, one division)
Cheerleading (male/female)

Application: (Go Here)

*Your Name:
*Your Character's name:


Brokeback Mountain:
-Ennis Del Mar; Junior @xennis_del_marx (Played by ?)
-Jack Twist; Junior @rodeo_twist (Played by penguingomoo)

Digimon 02
-Taichi Yagami; Freshman @follow_mylead (Played by segucha)

-Rachel Green; Sophomore @xxrachel_greenx (Played by [Unknown LJ tag])

Fruits Basket:
-Shigure Sohma; Senior@xshigure_sohma (Played by xbroken_heartx3)

Fullmetal Alchemist:
-Edward Elric; Senior @distance_glance (Played by kandikatt)
-Russell Tringham; Senior@russell_trigham (Played by ?)

Invader Zim:
-Dib; Freshman @paranoid_genius (Played by dibmagician)
-Professor Membrane; Chemistry Professor @chem_prof (Played by dibmagician)

Sailor Moon:
-Serena; Junior @moonie_girl (Played by punkchick180)

-Marik Ishtar; On Reserve. (Check with Mod)

Original Characters:
-Annalyn Knight; Senior @knight_stitches (Played by ?)
-Asterisk Zenoda; Technology Professor @killer_teacher (Played by kandikatt)
-Malchior Machina; Senior @1337hacker (Played by kandikatt)

Sports Teams:

Baseball: Jack Twist,

Cross Country:



Soccer: Malchior Machina, Taichi Yagami,



Track and Field: Dib,